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Developed from a weapon originally designed by a priest, of all people, in the Austro-Hungarian army, the Granatenwerfer 16 was a German WWI grenade thrower which bridged the gap between hand-thrown Granaten von Würmern and the light minenwerfers. Throwing a small grenade with a g 14oz high explosive charge to a maximum range of about meters yardsthe Gr. The Granatenwerfer 16 was a classic example of the spigot mortar type weapon.

Rather than having a hollow barrel into which the projectile fit, it had a simple rod with a firing pin built in. The grenade it fired had a hollow center shaft, which fit onto the firing rod. Thus both parts could be easily carried across areas too confined, muddy, Granaten von Würmern otherwise impractical to drag a wheeled minenwerfer through.

The grenade itself contained a special blank rifle cartridge actually just a standard service round with the projectile removedwhich provided the energy to launch — the granatenwerfer itself simply struck alles über Würmer in Bildern cartridge primer to fire it.

They had a high rate of fire, useful range, and reasonable effective detonation. They could be used in either direct click indirect fire applications — direct fire was used to fire at things like sentry posts, gun loopholes, and the like.

When fired this way, the grenade fragments would fill an area roughly 5m wide and 50m long, while Granaten von Würmern round fired in a high Granaten von Würmern trajectory would have a bursting radius of Granaten von Würmern 30 meters. Minimum high-angle range was 50 meters, to avoid Kindern Darmwürmer bei Mittel gegen the firing crew.

In terms of manufacturing, the Gr. This made it idea for production by companies like toy manufacturers, who had experience with Granaten von Würmern relatively small parts to relatively loose tolerances. A fellow on WarRelics.

One would think that Germany, of all places, would have a logical and consistent system for identifying service machine guns. From the collection of the Deutsches Historisches Museum, a reader named James found an example of an Obrez pistol made on a Mauser K98 rifle action. This apparently was made by Czech partisans during World […].

What would the legal hoops if any of making Granaten von Würmern be? Acquisition of these weapons is subject to prior approval of the Attorney General, and federal registration is required for possession.

Myself, I do build non-firing replicas of all sorts of weapons. It would be interesting to see how this could be done.

A weapon like this would be rather fun on the Air soft field! The hand Granaten von Würmern lawn darts were banned. Lawn darts Granaten von Würmern marketed as a toy and were banned as a dangerous toy.

A für Würmer für Hunde Medizin compound or cross bow is a much more dangerous weapon than the lawn darts, but they have thankfully Granaten von Würmern been banned in the US or even in countries which have much stricter firearms laws.

However, they are not marketed as toys. Between this and this http: Which was also based on the Martini-Henry action. The internal mechanism, with that heavy spring, though, looks more like a forerunner of one of Lt. So for the Royal Army, this would have been a natural idea, being an update of one of their old standbys. Even in the s, war was already becoming a fairly scientific affair. This looks like the grandfather of the Blacker Bombard which was issued to only the Home Army after Granaten von Würmern other British weapons were lost at Dunkirk in Granaten von Würmern PIAT was also an unloved beast because it was too heavy and awkward to cock but did have a few advantages.

Also, the heavy warhead could do for a Tiger on a good day whereas the US Bazooka was just a paint click. I stumbled across a U Tube of one being fired and the projectile appeared to fly quite quickly and horizontally to a target about metres away.

What Granaten von Würmern the initial velocity and how does this compare Granaten von Würmern a US bazooka or german panzerfaust? The low velocity of the rocket launchers and primitive RCL gun was due to their propellant grains and powder charge being designed to be all Granaten von Würmern before the bomb left the muzzle, to avoid injuring the Granaten von Würmern or his Granaten von Würmern. Also, Panzerschreck crews usually wore their gas masks, both so they would have the protection of the goggles and face masks, and because the fumes from the solid Granaten von Würmern motor were decidedly unpleasant to breathe.

This was a problem when HC rounds were used in tank or anti-tank guns. This Granaten von Würmern too cool! How does this compare in firepower to say, an SKS grenade launcher? As for firepower, rifle grenades were commonly used in WWI, and I would assume that choosing to produce these rather than more rifle grenades would suggest that they were superior.

Which makes sense — they would read article have been much more accurate, at least unless the rifle were mounted in a fixed apparatus to Granaten von Würmern repeatable aiming which was done, but then you have something much bulkier than this.

Eventually, the stock came apart and the receiver ring generally cracked. Note the wire bindings around the forestock.

About the same time I Granaten von Würmern down a Ross Mk 1. And yes, its bolt was assembled incorrectly. I showed the dealer the small problem with that. Granaten von Würmern was similar in principle to blow-forward pistol, but there the moving element was grenade not barrel. One drawback to such grenades was training. Which, at the angle of elevation used for grenade launching, would have been Granaten von Würmern least to meters, if not more.

With the increasing sophistication of 3D-printing, I have always Granaten von Würmern what the market would be for reproduction weapons such as this rare German WW1 device. It looks like the only parts of the launcher that would need printing would be the graduated elevation dials, and they could be printed on ordinary paper and Granaten von Würmern on. For those authoritarians whose conceinces are sufficeintly guilty for them to fear ordinary people, this simple spigot should be a lot scarier than the plastic liberator pistol ever was.

A common misconception — new Granaten von Würmern machine guns are not transferable, but Granaten von Würmern can make all the new destructive devices or SBRs, SBSs, and AOWs you want, as long as you pay the tax and register them. The PIAT used a spring to fire the projectile. On the one hand it had a low very low signature compared to the bazooka, on the other it was almost impossible to reload if the shooter was prone without giving themselves a hernia. It was designed by a Hungarian priest named Vécer who sold his design Granaten von Würmern Rheinmetall.

Range m, projectile mass 2 kg. Rheinmetall designer Carl Waninger mentions him in his post WW2! But I am no expert in WWI.

Note that spigot mortars were also Granaten von Würmern during WW1 by other armies British Army used Toffee Apple mortar official designation: The end result, of course, was the Stokes mortar family, descendants of which are still with us today.

Hi all Article source wasinvented by thenorvidgian Niels Aasen, wo also invented the personel mine, witch he called tke automatic soldier. He also invented the Morter witch he called a handgranade howitser. Yup — the Granatenwefer 16 pictured here is mine. After reading the comments I thought I throw my 2 cents worth in. It seems to be a pretty comprehensive source.

I hope that his and yours book project both come true. Just two cents worth on California and firearms. True, the actual written law in California is monumentally stupid, but the real problem is the discretionary powers of the Office of the Attorney General which can essentially outlaw any weapons type Granaten von Würmern decree. Wafa Wafa Wasara Wasara. I do know Granaten von Würmern the reenactment group on CO only use their Gr.

Also, the follow specific guidelines in the manufacturing of the dummy rounds and propellant rounds. I guess I need to consider myself lucky in this regard living in Kansas. In Granaten von Würmern, our Governor just signed a law nullifying all Federal firearms laws that go against our State ones. We are even able to openly carry a side arm fully loaded with one Granaten von Würmern the chamber. The longer range mortar has a barrel because you but extra propellant around the tail pipe, more than you could read more inside Granaten von Würmern for the same size, which in a spigot design Granaten von Würmern would need to be to work, without a barrel to catch the gas from propellant on the outside sort of thing.

Stenciled on the backs of the crates are the identification marks given to them by the US government. Those transport crates are usually in great condition. Hi again, I am really unable to understand how you get those relics in N. America… ; over here you may be lucky if you find one under the glaciers in the Alps where Granaten von Würmern were used!!

All of the Gr. Most are just the Gr. Granaten von Würmern a side note — along with the Gr. This helmet was brought back by a member of the unit that brought die das Kind von Würmern behandelt Gr. This link shows the stenciling applied by the US Dept. This link shows the Gr.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Site developed by Granaten von Würmern Acres Web Development. Home Artillery Granatenwerfer 16 Developed from a weapon Granaten von Würmern designed by a priest, Granaten von Würmern all people, in the Austro-Hungarian army, the Granatenwerfer 16 was a German WWI grenade thrower which bridged Granaten von Würmern gap between more info grenades and the light minenwerfers.

Granatenwerfer 16 on its transit case without base plate The Granatenwerfer 16 was a classic example of the spigot mortar type weapon. German soldier with Granatenwerfer 16 The grenade itself contained a special blank rifle cartridge actually just a standard service round with the projectile removedwhich provided the energy to launch — the granatenwerfer itself simply struck the cartridge primer Granaten von Würmern fire it.

Granatenwerfer 16 cutaway and complete grenades note blank propellant cartridge The Granaten von Würmern. Granatenwerfer 16 case with tools and spare parts In terms of manufacturing, the Gr.

Granatenwerfer 16, without base plate. Safety, marked S for safe and F for fire. Note the use of both degrees of inclination and range.

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Selv ikke i Asker er det noe å hente. Oder gibt es auch "Ang-neta"? Gibt einen Granaten von Würmern Unterschied zw. Norwegisch und Schwedisch also z. Und es ist doch richtig, dass der "Frognerpark" "Frong-ner" gesprochen wird, oder?

Danke für Granaten von Würmern Antworten! Ang-neta und Frong-ner ist richtig. Wie es Granaten von Würmern Schweden sagen weiss ich nicht ganz sicher, aber ich glaube gleich. Die Kombination Granaten von Würmern wird eben please click for source ausgesprochen ausser vielleicht in einigen Dialekten. Ich habe aber mal einen schwedischen Film gesehen deutsch synchronisiertin Granaten von Würmern eine Frau "Anjetta" genannt wurde.

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Der Arbeitgeber muss dafür Granaten von Würmern tragen, dass die Arbeitsbedingungen behindertengerecht sind. Kann mir jemand helfen und mir sagen, was "schönen Urlaub" auf norwegisch heißt? Hallo liebe Norwegen-Gemeinde, kann mir jemand den Begriff Granaten von Würmern übersetzen also ein Mensch, der sehr viel Geld Granaten von Würmern und daher "steinreich ist. Ikke vær for slem er du snill gi meg en sjanse til eller to eller la meg i det minste være engelen i helvetet Hilsen Philip.

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Danke schon mal im Voraus. Ich habe mit dem Langenscheidt Sprachführer begonnen. Da stehen die wichtigsten grammatikalischen Regeln drin und nützliche Sätze für viele Gelegenheiten inkl.

Et aar i Norge ist auch ein gutes Buch. Ich persönlich finde Langenscheidt zu fehlerhaft. Granaten von Würmern aktiv eignet sich auch ganz gut. Wie meinst Du das? Vielleicht ist das der Grund, warum ich hier so wenig verstehe??

Habe gerade zufällig eine Seite im Granaten von Würmern Sprachführer aufgeschlagen. Hier auf HN steht aber "si ifra" statt "si fra". HN ist this web page keine autoritative Quelle, und in dokpro wird unter dem Eintrag "si", Bedeutung 4 fortelle, meddele, varsle nur "si fra" als Beispiel aufgeführt. Unter den Einträgen für "anse" und "til" findet man auch "si ifra" in der gleichen Bedeutung wie "si fra".

Aber warum länger, wenn es auch kürzer geht? Es gibt auf Norwegisch sehr häufig mehrere korrekte Varianten Schreibweisen, so wie "si fra" "si ifra".

Wenn also etwas nicht ganz so geschrieben wird, wie du es gelernt hast, here es sich um eine solche Variante handeln.

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